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Important Information:
• This sizing chart is for reference only and may not reflect personal preference. Please read our sizing chart and measurement guidelines carefully and always double check your measurements before placing your order. 
• We do not accept returns or exchanges for products that do not fit.
• Height: Our clothing products will best fit heights ranging from 5'0 to 5'8 (feet and inches).
• Most of our corsets are fully adjustable with lace-up back for perfect cinching and training. 
• Most of our clothing are made from mesh, spandex, stretchable satin or cotton fabric that can phenomenally fit different body types.


Low Waist Clothing:
Waist: bend to one side and note where the crease appears. Being careful not to pull the measuring tape too tightly, stand straight and measure around your waist where the crease appeared.
Low Waist: measure 1.5 inches lower around your waist (for some leggings and skirts).
Hips: stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part at the top of your legs. Your hips probably are about 8 inches below your waist.

Women's skirts fit according to length and waist. To find how long a skirt will be on your body, measure from your waist down the center front.

For the best fit, measure your bust, hips, and length. To find the right length, measure down from the highest point of your shoulder.

• We suggest that you use a long string, shoelace or ribbon to take your measurements and tie it around your natural waist. This will be a reference when taking all the other measurements. Make sure the string is snug and parallel but not nipping your skin anywhere.
• The fourteen measurements in the chart will be used to draft a pattern unique to your very own body. Be sure to measure correctly and double and triple measure if there is any doubt. 

Corset Measuring Guidelines
1. Over Bust: The circumference around the chest directly over your breasts.
2. Full bust: Measured over the fullest part of the breasts, usually over the nipples or apex.
3. Under Bust: Right beneath the breasts, where most bra bands lie.
4. Waist: Right where the ribbon is marking the natural waist.
5. High Hip: Take this measurement about 3″ down from the waist.
6. Hip: This measurement should be taken at the fullest part of the hip.
7. Full Bust to Waist: Starting at the fullest part of the chest, directly between your breasts, measure down to the waist.
8. Under Bust to Waist: Starting right beneath the breast, at the under bust line, measure down to the waist.
9. Side Full Bust to Waist: Starting on the side, even with the full bust line, measure to the waist.
10. Front Waist to Bottom of Corset: Starting at the center front of the waist, measure down to the estimated bottom of the corset.
11. Side Waist to Hip: Starting at the waist, on the side of the body, measure down to the hip line.
12. Under Bust to Apex of Breast: This measures the rise of the breast, starting underneath the breast, measure up to the apex.
13. Apex to Top of Corset: Measure from the nipple to the estimated top of the corset.
14. Lap: This last measurement is not on the chart. The lap measurement takes into account where the corset will be when you sit down. It is not usually necessary with higher cut hips, but in long line corsets, you must consider where the corset will touch the leg when you sits down. To measure number fourteen, the lap, sit in a hard, straight chair, like a kitchen chair. Now measure the distance from the waist to the leg, this is the lap measurement.
Measuring Tips:
For the best fit, do not measure your body while fully clothed or you are not wearing anything bulky that might cause inaccuracies. 
- To obtain the proper and correct measurements, we suggest that you get someone else to measure you. When you try to measure yourself, the body can contort giving inaccurate numbers. It is also hard for a person to make sure the measuring tape is straight or parallel when they are measuring themselves. 
- If you cannot find anyone to assist you, we suggest that you measure yourself in front of a mirror and take each measurements at least 3 times to find an average.
- For corset measurements, if you are planning to wear your corset on bare skin, ideally, take your measurements on bare skin as well. The only exception to this is your bra, especially if you are measuring for an overbust corset. Make sure that your bra has as little padding as possible, but holds your breasts in the general position they will be under your corset. A nice, thin, stretchy, underwire bra is perfect and highly recommended.

*If you're still unsure about your size, or your measurements don't fit perfectly into some of the sizing ranges, please send us your measurements. We will be more than happy to help and tell you if the product will fit you or not.

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