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Knowing how to properly care for our merchandise is crucial, especially if you want to make them last longer. Lady Reaper will not accept returns or refunds for damages that resulted from improper washing, use or handling. You must be informed that most of our clothing products are made from delicate materials, so it is important that you read this before ordering.


When washing your clothing, you need to keep in mind that the materials they use for these products are very delicate. This is the very reason why they only require careful washing. Make it a point to never place you delicates along with your regular wash loads. When washing your delicates, place it on a basin with regular tap water and add a bit of very mild shampoo, soap or detergent in it. Allow it to soak for about 10 minutes or less and after that, gently scrub the soiled areas of the merchandise.

Rinse your delicates with regular clean tap water until it is free from the washing product that you used. Hang your delicates on a clothes hanger or a clothesline to dry. Some women prefer using the delicate or gentle cycles of their washing machines. However, you need to be very careful when attempting this for the first time as you might end up ruining the delicate fabric or your product. Just like any other type of washing, you must take careful consideration of the color of the clothing you are washing. Do not mix different colored clothing together when washing as this might allow the dark colored clothing to bleed into the light colored ones. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that all the colors are sorted out before washing them. 

Another reason why washing your delicates on a washer is not advisable is because some of our delicates, like our corsets, have hooks, buttons, steel bones and fasteners which could snag on some part of the clothing or on other delicate that could lead to the tearing of your corsets. Make sure to dry your newly-washed clothing on an airy place and not under direct sunlight. The colors of your delicates will easily fade if you dry them under direct sunlight. When your delicates has dried up completely, try sorting them out for proper storage. Some delicates can be folded while some need to be hung in order to retain their shape.
Careful ironing is expected for all of our clothing with prints, like our shirts and delicate merchandise.


Please professional leather clean only. Always store leather in a cool, dry place away from heat or store in a breathable bag.


Wash PVC by hand with warm water and mild soap. Hang to dry. Do not put in dryer.


Your new corset should be professionally dry cleaned or if it is leather, professional leather cleaned only. Never wash your new corset with steel boning as this may cause the steel boning to rust. Proper care can keep your corset looking new and lasting longer. After wearing your new corset for an extended period of time, simply hang it over the back of a chair to air dry before storing.


It is useful to have someone assisting you, but it is possible to put your corset on without help.
1. Loosen the lacing then put the corset around you and fasten the front busk or zipper. For a busk, do the top clasp first and the rest should follow. For a separating zipper, please make sure it clicks into place all the way down or it will separate and you could damage it.
2. Pull the loops gently then tighten the lacing progressively towards the middle from both top and bottom until you are happy with the fit. There should be a pleasant 'hugging' sensation, but you should still be comfortable. To finish, tie the ends in a bow at the back.
3. DO NOT over-tighten or you will damage your corset; corsets mould to the body after a short period and the material takes the strain evenly, then you can go a little tighter. Corsets with a front zipper are not made for tight lacing.


Always loosen the laces in back before removing and start at the top of the busk and go down.
1. Untie the bow and loosen the laces. There should no pressure on the hooks.
2. Unhook the busk starting at the bottom and ending at the top.

NOTE: Do not try to remove the corset without loosening the back laces as this can damage the corset.

Our corsets are individually crafted to the highest standards by skilled corsetieres. We use only the finest fabrics, quality materials, and reinforced stitching. Our steel boning is dipped to insure they do not rip through the fabric when tightly laced. All of our beautiful corsets are lined for comfort and mostly come standard with a privacy panel made of the same lined fabric as your choice of corset. Our steel busk front closure and steel reinforced back provides strength and longevity.


Store them in a cool dry place to avoid rusting and damage.

If you still have further questions, please contact us anytime. We will be more than happy to assist you with your concerns. Thank you for your time in reading this and we hope that you will be satisfied with our merchandise and become a regular customer of ours.


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